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    Posted on Mar 7, 2014

    10 Questions We Asked Ourselves After Seeing Peter Andre's Prom Photo

    So many questions, so little time.

    Peter Andre has shared his prom photo with the world, and it's raised a few important questions.

    1. First of all, just how long did the lilac/white reverse colour cordination take to plan and execute?

    2. At what point did Peter learn how to pluck his eyebrows?


    3. Why does his hair resemble George Michael's circa 1984 and why do we find it attractive?


    4. Is his date actually Charlene from Neighbours?

    5. No, really, who is his date?

    6. More importantly, why did Peter's brother write a song about Peter's date?

    7. Why didn't the photographer move that plant?

    8. Also, whose hand is that and why is it floating mysteriously in mid-air?

    9. Did the prom attire inspire these wedding outfits years later?

    10. And finally, have we been duped and is this actually a photo of eight-year-old Junior Andre?

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