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    Proof That David Beckham Should Be Permanently Shirtless

    No arguments, Becks.

    David Beckham is one fine specimen of a man. He may even be one the most perfect humans to have walked the planet. But to be perfectly honest, this "wearing clothes" situation is making us very unhappy.

    Yes, he looks incredible in a suit. But what would make everybody infinitely happier is if he just took his top off.

    Because THIS is really what we want to see.

    We want to see beautiful shoulders, toned biceps and THAT STOMACH.

    Sit back and just enjoy. Just soak it all in. Marvel, if you will. For this is perfection.

    Look at him in motion. Just look at those arms.

    Run to us, David. Run into our arms.


    That's better. This is how it should be.

    Isn't everything in life better when this is your view?

    Haven't your cares just faded away? Aren't you just SO HAPPY?

    He's even beautiful from the side too. Don't pretend that you don't want to grab hold of that bicep.

    Or rest your head against those abs.

    Here he is standing topless, gazing into the distance, and it might just be the most beautiful thing you will ever see.

    Actually, scrap that. THIS is.


    So please, David, we beg of you, don't ever put clothes on again. You must remain this way for all eternity.

    We need to see those stomach muscles every day until we die.

    Only then will we be able to die happy. OK?

    Forever and ever.