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22 Female Friendship Truths As Told By Taylor Swift

You just know getting ready together is the best part of a night out.

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1. You are always supportive, and celebrate each other's achievements.

2. In fact, you're often more proud of her achievements than you are of your own.

That caption though. ❤️

3. Although you may be busy, you always make time for the important moments together.

4. You love nothing more than having nights in with her, making cake and watching Netflix.

5. But you love making memories on nights out, too.

6. And you'll probably die from excitement when ~your song~ comes on, before passionately singing every word.

7. Although deep down you know that getting ready together before a night out is the best part.

8. You have taken hundreds of photos together, but have an unwritten rule that you'll only share the flattering ones.

9. You also look back at old photos and cringe at your hairstyles, but at the same time you feel ridiculously proud of how far you've both come.


10. You are there for each other through all relationship dramas. In fact, you probably know her romantic history better than she does.

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11. Unless she explicitly asks you, you're not allowed to be vocal about your dislike of the guy she's dating. / Via MTV

Doesn't mean you can't THINK it though. And you just have to be there to pick up the pieces when it goes wrong.

12. When she's hurt by some loser, you feel all the pain too.

13. But you'll be there in an instant, armed with chocolate and ice cream.

14. And when you're over those douchebag exes you'll delight in making fun of them together.

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15. When you're having a crisis and she's not there, you legit go a bit insane.

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16. But you absolutely never judge each other.

17. If you've been friends for a while, you'll begin to subconsciously copy each other's style.

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If you live together, this will extend to unlimited access to each other's wardrobes.

18. Sometimes you don't even need to communicate using words – a look is enough.

19. And you always just know when she needs you to hold her hand.

20. You always have her back and will defend her no matter what.

21. It doesn't really matter what you do in your time together...

22. Because you know that as long as you have each other, nothing else really matters.