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44 Times North West Lived Her Best Life

Just hanging with my girl on a yacht while wearing my custom Balmain jacket, NBD.

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1. When people kept trying to photograph her while she was taking her new car for a spin, and she was all, "Can I live?"

2. When she was like, "Nice smiles, everyone, but we all know who the star of this photoshoot is."

3. And swiftly got bored of posing with these amateurs, so stuffed her face with M&M's instead. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

4. When she refused to conform to your prescriptive gender norms and decided to play soccer.

5. And obviously had a natural flair for it because she's North Goddamn West.

6. When Kim was all, "North, remember bikini season is just around the corner!" And North was like, "Look, Mommy. Look at my face."

7. "Does it really look like I give a fuck?"

8. When Mommy refused to leave the house with her dressed like this, but she knew it was only because Mommy was jealous of her trend-setting ways.

9. "OK, I'll remove the helmet but the rest stays. And walk behind me."

10. When she was quick to point out during the rendition of "Happy Birthday" that she would not be sharing the cake.

11. When she was baptised in the same place as actual Jesus Christ but took a nap because the jet lag was just exhausting.

12. When she was just chilling on a private yacht with her girl Sophia Pippen, kicking back in leather shorts and a Balmain blazer.

13. When she decided that Daddy's chain looked much better on her and wouldn't be giving it back under any circumstances.

14. When she wondered how her mommy had managed to hire such an incompetent glam squad.

15. And just decided to do the damn contouring herself.

"I'll bill you later."

16. When she spent time perusing the face paint options, because god knows she's spent enough time watching Mommy having hers applied, and this was payback.

17. And she knew she looked fucking fabulous afterwards.

"Take my picture. Take ALL the pictures."

18. When Penelope tried to steal her ballet look but didn't even know what Balmain was.

"I'm going to concentrate on the fact that I look fabulous because you are just embarrassing me."

19. And when she was most displeased that Penelope decided to copy her Disney birthday party, but did her best to suck it up anyway.

"I told you I'd come. I said nothing about looking happy in the pictures."

20. When she humoured Daddy by playing a game of footsie with him.

21. When she was amused by Mommy's outfit but passed off her laughter as "part of the game."

22. When she rode her suitcase through the airport because she only travels in style.

23. When she hung out with an actual mermaid, NBD.

24. When she found out golf involves wearing a polo shirt and wasted no time admitting this game wasn't for her.

25. When she wore butterflies in her hair and knew she looked badass AF.

"Wonder how long it'll take before Penelope copies this look."

26. When she took her hair down from that topknot and let it flow free because the world needed to see her natural beauty.

27. When she was like, "This book is alright I suppose, but next time I'd prefer to read Vogue."

28. When she couldn't hide her joy at Penelope finding her own sense of original style.

29. And was like, "Now we can hang out and be happy in each other's company, even when we hurt ourselves!"

30. When she had a spa day and it was just heaven.

31. When she realised this was where most of her favourite cloaks came from.

"Huh. Kinda cute I guess."

32. When she participated in an Easter egg hunt and obviously put everyone else to shame.

33. When she got down in the club like...

34. When she and Daddy had a wonderful time at the beach, mainly because he understood the need to stand a reasonable distance from the sea in order to protect their sneakers.

35. When she knew her fur cape was on point but she just wasn't feeling camera ready.

36. When she dreamt up this photoshoot and even managed to teach Penelope how to pose.

37. When she decided to personally select the flowers for the centre-pieces at her birthday dinner.

"Can't expect anyone else to get it right, can I?"

38. When she had a great time playing in the sandpit but refused to actually sit in it because, ew.

39. When she decided to mix things up and wear all pink for a change and felt pretty damn amazing.

40. When she staged a photoshoot during a piano lesson because she was just feeling her look, you know?

41. When she left Mom in the midst of a clothing crisis because omg these leggings fashioned into a scarf were just the chicest thing she'd ever seen.

42. When she was told to smile for the camera.

"Don't tell me what to do."

43. When she had one of her team of peasants feed her the foam from her hot chocolate.

44. And, finally, when she let her hair down on holiday because boy does she deserve it.