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    Oct 26, 2016

    People Keep Tweeting This Celeb Savage Opinions On Her Breakup And She's Gone Off

    Maybe it's time to give Megan a break?

    Megan McKenna has had a tough few weeks after finding out ON CAMERA that her boyfriend and The Only Way Is Essex co-star Pete Wicks had been texting other women behind her back.

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    Not only did the messages say he missed being single, but Pete had told his ex-girlfriend he found Megan boring, couldn't wait to get home from their holiday together, and found it dull that she "hardly drinks." He also went on to reminisce about their previous sex life.

    Since then, Megan has been doing her best to move on, and decide whether to give Pete a second chance.

    On the latest episode of TOWIE, Pete gave Megan a long speech that concluded with him asking to take her away for the weekend.


    And she seemed pretty happy about it.


    Judging by Megan's Snapchat over the weekend, and the fact that she and Pete were photographed at a spa together, it seems she did agree to their weekend away.

    And this is when people on social media began voicing their opinions on Megan's relationship.

    And JFC did they go in.


    One tweet that's since been deleted read: "It’s so obvious u have no intention of ditching pete – what a mug! Ur poor mum – sure she thought she raised a stronger girl," while others claimed the relationship was "fake" and "staged".

    Some told her that Pete's actions suggested he didn't actually love her.

    And reminded her that his ex-girlfriend Jacqui Hyland "must have been Pete's type".

    Then reports emerged that Jacqui Hyland is going to appear on this season of TOWIE.

    Megan lashed out in a series of ~cryptic~ tweets that have since been deleted – but she did then tweet this statement denying Jacqui would be on the show.

    But people had opinions about that too.

    People told her the situation was "oh so boring".

    And told her to stop tweeting.

    And also advised her once again not to take Pete back.

    It was at this point that Megan well and truly lost her shit.

    Seriously everyone needs to FUCK OFF AND GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But people's savage opinions just kept on coming.

    And coming.

    So, finally, Megan moved across to Snapchat to vent her anger even more.


    Let's hope everyone gives her a break now. 💗

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