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People Are Speculating Why This Celeb's Baby Bump Keeps Changing In Size

The constant, unsubstantiated fakery accusations have now led to many people jumping to Stephanie Davis's defence.

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Former Hollyoaks and Celebrity Big Brother star, Stephanie Davis, has so far had a tumultuous pregnancy.

It all began after she met model Jeremy McConnell in the Celebrity Big Brother house earlier this year, and embarked on a whirlwind relationship.

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Despite it only lasting two months, the relationship was punctuated by constant rumours of infidelity, violent arguments and multiple breakups.

Then Stephanie announced she was pregnant with Jeremy's baby.

So far he's refused any involvement, implied that Stephanie is lying about the pregnancy, has denied the child is his and is demanding a DNA test.

And within days of announcing her pregnancy, Stephanie was subjected to unsubstantiated and cruel speculation that she was making the whole thing up.

I don't believe for one second that Stephanie Davis is pregnant.

I still don't believe Stephanie Davis is pregnant, she could literally film herself giving birth & I'd still think that she's lying

She was then pictured smoking and drinking, which only heightened the speculation.

Is Stephanie Davis actually pregnant? If so, smoking and drinking as much as she is in pregnancy is very worrying.

Stephanie put the smoking down to a "moment of madness." Her representatives said at the time: "Her smoking was a one-off, a blip which was caused by stress and trolls tormenting her. Steph takes very seriously the health and welfare of her unborn baby. There has been a lot going on in the last few months and this picture shows her during a moment of madness."

As for drinking, Stephanie maintains that she only had one sip of a friend's drink. Her spokesperson said: "What these cleverly timed pictures fail to show is Stephanie was drinking Diet Coke before and after having a sip of her friends Shandy - if you look closely you can see she has that drink next to her."

But then she revealed a video of her scan on Loose Women, and showed off her baby bump on the front cover of OK! Magazine.

And this seemed to shut down the fakery rumours once and for all.

In shock that Stephanie Davis is actually pregnant and has a bump, thought she was lying. Lol x

Especially when she then posted numerous photos of her bump on Instagram.

However, people have become fascinated by the size of her bump, because they believe it changes with each photo she posts.

Feel like stephanie Davis's bump changes size Everytime I see a pic of her πŸ€πŸ€”

Yesterday, the debate went into complete overdrive, after Stephanie posted this image (which has since been deleted,) on Snapchat and Instagram.

Instagram / Snapchat

She then shared this image, in which people claimed her bump looked "non-existent."


Do you like how Stephanie Davis baby bump was very big in her photoshots but when she post videos of her self it's so tinyπŸ€”

Ummmm @Stephdavis77 where's your baby? #fit

Anyone think #StephanieDavis #stomachgate is like Will Shusters wife in #Glee? #justsaying where did the bump go? 😳

However, many, many people spoke up in defence of Stephanie, pointing out that she's been "torn down" since the start of her pregnancy.

And after people debated this photo because her bump wasn't visible, many others suggested that because the picture looks like an advert for the tracksuit, it could very well have been taken before she became pregnant.

Plenty of other expectant mums, and women who have been pregnant in the past, have also stuck up for Stephanie, saying that their bumps had also fluctuated in size.

And several people made the extremely important point that Stephanie's bump is really nobody's πŸ‘ damn πŸ‘ business.

Stephanie has remained defiant in the face of speculation, sharing this new picture today in which she and her bump look lovely.

Nicely done, Stephanie! Let's hope the rest of the pregnancy is drama-free.

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