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Posted on Oct 10, 2017

Four Ways People Think Kylie Jenner Has Hinted At The Gender Of Her Baby

Let's analyse the evidence.

I'm sure you're already very much aware, but in case you aren't: Kylie Jenner is pregnant.

Since the news broke, however, Kylie has remained tight-lipped and hasn't made a single comment about her pregnancy.

So, naturally, people are analysing her every social media move, looking for clues and attempting to spot a baby bump.

David Becker / Getty Images

It was reported last month that Kylie is having a girl, however people are now convinced that she has offered a strong hint that she's actually expecting a boy.


Let's analyse the evidence.

Exhibit A: Kylie shared this image of two brand new pieces of merchandise – two phone covers, one featuring blue lips and the other pink lips.

Kylie Jenner / Snapchat

But, wait a minute. Just look at the caption.

Kylie Jenner / Snapchat

😱 😱 😱

Exhibit B: She did indeed choose the blue.

Kylie Jenner / Snapchat

And people really, truly believe that this is her dropping a massive hint.

Am I the only one who saw Kylie's snap of the phone cases and instantly thought this is her telling us she's having a boy or am I that crazy

predicting kylie jenner is having a boy based on her randomly choosing her blue phone case over pink on snap you’re welcome

Kylie's snap about which phone case she should use is DEFFFF a hint that she's having a boy idc what anyone says lol

Kylie Jenner’s is such a tease omg DEFO means she’s having a boy

Kylie is having a boy. You heard it here first.

My best friend is convinced Kylie's having a boy because of her snapchat

Exhibit C: Kylie then went on to share a photo of her "fitting room" being constructed, in which most of the clothes were blue.

Kylie Jenner / Snapchat

Exhibit D: And then, Kylie shared this photo of herself dressed in an oversized shirt. People were quick to point out that the baggy-ness could be hiding a bump, but also that the shirt was BLUE AS WELL.

Something she drew attention to with a blue heart in the caption.

@kyliejenner / Instagram / Via

So, naturally, everyone lost their minds.

@kyliejenner / Instagram / Via
@kyliejenner / Instagram / Via
@kyliejenner / Instagram / Via

Kylie dropping hints she having a boy like crazy 😩 idk bout y’all but I’m just not over it yet sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️

Oh, and one final non-gender-related little detail: Like Kylie, Khloé hasn't personally confirmed her pregnancy.

And the pair also haven't appeared publicly together or on social media since the news broke. Yesterday, however, they not only appeared on Snapchat together...

Kylie Jenner / Snapchat

But also joked that they were "twinning."

Khloe Kardashian / Snapchat

In more ways than just similar hair and makeup, amirite ladies? 😏 😏 😏

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