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Wait, Did Karlie Kloss Just Low-Key Shade Taylor Swift?

But what about Taylor?

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You also probably remember that Kendall Jenner was once a fully fledged member of Taylor Swift's ~squad~. Here she is on stage with Taylor in London two years ago.

And, just two months ago Kim appeared to shade Taylor again. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Kim was asked this question: "Was it awkward between you and Kendall or Kendall and Taylor because Kendall was part of Taylor's squad?"


Now, you might also be aware that Taylor's BFF is a certain Karlie Kloss. Being supermodels, Kendall and Karlie mix in similar circles but haven't been photographed together for a year – basically since all the drama went down.

Because, just as we were all wondering whether we'd receive some glorious new Kaylor photos from Taylor's annual 4th July party like last year's...

Wait, what? Not only was Karlie not at Taylor's Rhode Island home, but she was hanging out with Kendall?! Half-sister to her BFF's nemesis?!

In fact, it looks as though Taylor didn't throw her party for the first time in five years.

People were, frankly, shook.

@ts6_1992 *Karlie in Paris today and will not be attending Taylor's July 4th party * Me:

Devastated that we wouldn't be seeing any Kaylor photos.

Karlie should be posting photos with Taylor right now, not Kendel


When you're lying in bed refreshing Taylor's Instagram & you realise neither Karlie, Abigail or Haim are in RI & Ta…

And very confused as to why Karlie was hanging out with Kendall in light of Taylor's feud with Kim.

"why do karlie and cara still hang out with kendall?" me:

not only was karlie not with taylor today but she was with kendall

Cara and Karlie ditched Taylor's annual 4th of July party and are hanging out with Kendall right now lol