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    People Are Blasting This Celeb For Promoting Her Kids' Instagram Accounts

    She's defended herself by saying her childrens' friends have accounts, and that it's also a business decision.

    Let's face it – Katie Price is no stranger to controversy.

    However, this time she's caused uproar after allowing her children, Junior, 11, and Princess, 9, to have Instagram accounts – and promoting them on her own account.

    Katie firstly posted a screenshot of Junior's page, saying that he had been asking to join Instagram for three years, but that she would be "keeping an eye" on it.

    She then did the same for Princess' account.

    And people were not impressed.

    Some disapproved of the fact that Katie promoted her kids' accounts on her own, where she has 1.2 million followers.

    Others accused her of "pimping" her children out by listing their management information.

    And many wondered why the accounts hadn't been made private.

    Both Junior and Princess' accounts are still public.

    Today Katie appeared on Loose Women where she defended her decision to allow Junior and Princess to have accounts, and her decision to share them.


    She said: "I am in no way a bad parent. I've got five beautiful, very well-mannered children. I'm not stupid, I know people can say nasty things but I will protect them with my heart. Social media is the future. I won't allow them on Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter, but all their friends are on Instagram. They've got to have a bit of normality. If their friends are doing it I can't say no to everything."

    She went on to say that the accounts are also a business decision, as her children are now being booked for presenting and modelling jobs.


    She explained: "If you look, there's a management thing. They get booked for work, they're doing this - so it's like a business thing. They've been in the industry for 11 years, they've been brought up in the media."

    Never let it be said that Katie Price doesn't know how to get people talking.

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