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    Here's Another Celebrity Accused Of Photoshopping Her Instagrams

    And there does seem to be differences between the original paparazzi photo and the version she posted on Instagram.

    As a former star of TOWIE, Lauren Goodger is no stranger to ~drama~.


    However, this time the drama is taking place over on her Instagram account, with people suggesting she's Photoshopped her latest picture.

    Lauren was papped looking lovely during a walk in the park earlier this week.

    Jon Baxter / iCelebTV

    So she decided to post the image on Instagram.

    However, it didn't take long before people began speculating that Lauren had retouched the image before posting it.

    Putting the images side-by-side does reveal a couple of subtle differences in the appearance of her legs between the paparazzi photo, (left,) and the Instagram, (right.)

    Jon Baxter / iCelebTV/Jon / Via
    Jon Baxter / iCelebTV/Jon / Via

    It appears that her legs have been slimmed down all over, but especially her thighs and ankles. And if you look at the Instagram photo, there's a slight bump midway down her leg that isn't there in the original. The original shows a slight curvature at the bottom of her leg, but in the Instagram photo this is much more pronounced. Distortions like this occur when an image has been digitally manipulated. However – let's give her the benefit of the doubt – the image could have always changed shape during the upload to Instagram.

    It's not the first time Lauren's been caught up in Instagram Photoshopping claims. Fans accused her of altering this image after they spotted that the floor to the left of her was wavy.

    And this image, when the paving slabs around her stomach appeared uneven.

    Lauren, however, takes people's comments as a compliment – especially after recently upping her exercise regime.

    She told New: "I know I’m going to get accusations because I look different. If anything I take it all as a compliment because it means my training is really paying off. Whatever I do I’m going to get judged, but I don’t really care about anyone else’s opinion."

    Don't let the trolls get you down, Lauren.