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    People Are Accusing Kylie Jenner Of Using The N-Word In Her New Song

    But wait, this isn't as straightforward as it seems.

    Kylie Jenner made her musical debut yesterday, featuring on a track called "Beautiful Day" by Burberry Perry.

    You can listen to it here if you so wish.

    She features on the track with her friends Justine Skye and Jordyn Woods.

    But it didn't take long before people noticed that the section featuring the girls contains the lyric "I wish a fuck n***a would, yeah."

    And people were very quick to assume that it was Kylie – who's been accused of cultural appropriation on several occasions – who sang the line.

    Kylie saying the N word must be the most uncomfortable thing ever

    Why did Kylie Jenner jut say the n word in a rap song

    Kylie Jenner says the n-word on her feature on a rap song... We remember that she is not, has never been, and will never be black right?

    @KylieJenner Idc how famous you are, you ain't black & saying the n-word isn't funny or cool & that's not what u shld use ur celebrity for

    While Kylie hasn't addressed the comments, Jordyn responded to the criticism by saying that it was actually her and Justine who sang the line.

    And when you isolate the girls' section from the rest of the song, you can hear the differences in their voices – with Kylie saying: "Come on, Jordyn, let’s be serious stop this. We’re gonna be serious about this."

    And it doesn't sound like Kylie's voice when the lyric in question is sung, either.

    But both Jordyn and Justine defended their part in the song, saying it was only a bit of fun.

    Why do some of y'all take life so seriously. Stop being mad at the world and take a joke.

    You hear us laughing in the song.. Clearly it was all of us together having fun.

    someone will always have some negative shit to say always

    Meanwhile, it's clear that Kylie isn't considering a career in music, and for now is sticking to the day job.

    What color would u guys like to see next for Kylie cosmetics ?

    So that's everything cleared up.