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    The Most WTF Fan Reactions To One Direction Members Smoking Weed

    My ovaries are weeping.

    A video has surfaced on the MailOnline, and it appears to show Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson smoking weed during the Latin America leg of their world tour.

    1. Some fans were supportive.

    2. Some tried to keep things in perspective.

    3. Others were totally devastated.

    4. There was a lot of talk about ovaries.

    5. One person's ovaries even FELL OUT.

    6. There were essays.


    8. Photoshop was quickly utilised.




    12. It wasn't long before the song-based puns started.

    13. Mums got involved...

    14. ...So did Perez Hilton.

    15. Some were pleased about the fact that Zayn and Louis mention their fans during the video.

    16. There was concern that Zayn can't be Zayn.

    17. Others weren't so concerned.

    There were suicide threats.

    18. (Or sue of side.)


    20. This image became quite popular.

    21. So did this tweet.

    22. A few fans were less than impressed that Louis appears to use a racial slur in the video.

    23. There was also some annoyance that Niall's charity work didn't receive the same attention.

    24. And this tweet resurfaced.

    25. A few more ovaries exploded/fell out/wept.

    26. And finally, this fan resorted to drastic measures.