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Thousands Of People Are Chanting "Oh Jeremy Corbyn" All Over Glastonbury Festival

What times we're living in.

Over recent months people have begun chanting "Oh Jeremy Corbyn" to the tune of "Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes in a display of support for the Labour leader.

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The chant, which has been used by football fans for years, was first adapted for Corbyn when he addressed the crowd at a concert in Tranmere. He later said that he'd been "moved" by the chant.

After the election result two weeks ago, the chant has become even more ubiquitous, being heard at nightclubs...

In @LIQUIDROOMS for the 1st time last night, & when Seven Nation Army came on the crowd started roaring "OH JEREMY CORBYN". My kind of club.


Started my fair share of football chants over the years, but idk there was something special about Oh Jeremy Corbyn at @E_E_ last night

And sport matches.

Looool they chanting oh Jeremy corbyn at the Pakistan v India match

And now the chant has even spread across Glastonbury. Last night, thousands of people began singing "Oh Jeremy Corbyn" during a pause in Radiohead's set.

Never heard thousands of people chanting 4 a politician at a gig before.It happened @ #RadioheadGlastonbury 4 Corbyn

And people were proud.

"Nobody has an appetite for another general election" - you obviously haven't heard the "oh Jeremy Corbyn" chants sweeping Glastonbury

Some were also found it strangely emotional.

I've just cried at compilation of people chanting "Oh/ Jeremy Corbyn" at glastonbury what's WRONG with me

I'm not sure I could explain it in 140 characters, but every time I hear @jeremycorbyn chant, I cry. #Hope (oh ther…

But this wasn't the only instance of the chant being sung at Glastonbury. It broke out during a silent disco, too.

Just wintessed a silent disco crowd chant 'Oh Jeremy Corbyn' to Seven Nation Army and it was a beautiful thing.…

And people were also chanting on a buggy being driven around the festival.

Skip to 1.03 in the video.

What times we're living in.

What times we're living in.

2 years ago it was literally unimaginable that Glastonbury would spontaneously chant 'Oh Jeremy Corbyn'. What times.

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