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Taylor Swift's Latest Instagrams Will Give You New Friendship Goals

Hey Taylor, mind if we join in?

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Taylor Swift's clique of celebrity BFFs is something we've long been envious of. I mean, just look at how happy they are.

But Taylor spent yesterday with her pals, keeping us all updated with photos on Instagram. And they're all just the best depiction of a perfect girlie day.

Her day began with tea and selfies with Martha Hunt.

Then she did a bit of cooking before Karlie Kloss showed up.

Not sure what they made, but there were probably cookies for desert.

Ashley Avignone and Tavi Gevinson showed up and they helped to make even more food.

Girlfriends + carbs = 👌

Then Martha filmed Taylor attaching cat stickers to her new phone, and made a PURRRRFECT pun.

"Oh Martha, you didn't." ❤️

And then they rounded off proceedings by getting their pose on, which seems fitting seeing as half of them are supermodels.

LOL at Meredith.

Taylor didn't get the "On Sundays we wear black" memo, but that's fine because they're all still perfect.

Can we please join in the fun next time?