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    Feb 3, 2015

    22 Times Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Melted Your Cold, Dead Heart

    Get ready for some new #RelationshipGoals.

    1. When Ryan looked at Blake like this and his face basically said, "Wow, how did I get so lucky?"

    AFP / Getty Images TIMOTHY A. CLARY

    2. And then Blake looked at Ryan and was all, "God you're perfect."

    AFP / Getty Images LOIC VENANCE

    3. When they walked down the red carpet like actual royalty.

    AFP / Getty Images LOIC VENANCE

    4. And then shared a joke that only they understood.

    AFP / Getty Images ALBERTO PIZZOLI

    Probably something involving their pet names that they definitely have because they're cute like that.

    5. When they put their arms around each other and fit together perfectly.

    Getty Images Dimitrios Kambouris

    6. Because they need to be as close as possible at all times.

    Getty Images Dimitrios Kambouris

    7. And gaze longingly like this.

    WireImage George Pimentel

    8. Sometimes Blake has one hand around Ryan and the other pressed against his torso because tbh if you were that close to Ryan Reynolds you'd want to touch him as much as is publicly acceptable, too.

    Getty Images Gisela Schober

    9. And even when they're greeting other people, they're still holding hands.

    WireImage Venturelli

    10. In fact, the only time they'll be separated is when Blake has to pose for solo photos. And then Ryan just watches her like the PROUDEST MAN IN THE WORLD.

    AFP / Getty Images LOIC VENANCE

    11. Seriously. 😍

    FilmMagic Tony Barson

    12. Then there was the time when Blake was the most flawless pregnant woman ever to have existed, and Ryan knew it.

    Getty Images for Gabrielle's Angel Foundation Dimitrios Kambouris

    13. Like, really knew it. ❤️

    Getty Images for Gabrielle's Angel Foundation Dimitrios Kambouris

    14. And the time when Ryan laughed and the love in his eyes was palpable.

    Getty Images Mike Coppola

    And you knew that is exactly how every guy should look at his wife.

    15. Then they laughed like this.

    AFP / Getty Images VALERY HACHE

    16. And like this.

    AFP / Getty Images ALBERTO PIZZOLI

    17. And nuzzled against each other and your cold, dead heart melted.

    Getty Images Andreas Rentz

    18. And it's clear that above all, they're far more into each other than anyone else around them.

    Getty Images Andreas Rentz

    19. And they can't take their eyes off each other.

    MediaPunch/REX USA

    20. And everyone else is like, "Guys?"

    Picture Perfect/REX USA

    21. *Waves frantically*

    AKM-GSI / Splash News

    22. But they don't care because when they're together, they don't need anyone else to bother turning up.

    Getty Images Larry Busacca


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