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    Mila Kunis Was Asked What Ashton Does To Annoy Her, And Her Response Was Perfect

    "I have an unbelievable partner in crime, I really do."

    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have known each other for almost 20 years and make the most adorable couple.

    In fact, it's pretty clear they are infatuated with one another. Mila once said that in Ashton she'd "found the love of her life," and he said that he views Mila as "the most valuable person in the world" to him.

    So when Mila was asked during a recent interview with E! News to name something her husband does to annoy her, she had nothing. In fact, this was her answer.

    She went on to say that she feels they're still "very much in the honeymoon phase."

    She said:

    My husband does not annoy me. He really doesn't. It's an honest answer and it's the opposite of what people want to hear. I don't know if [being annoyed] happens later; we've only been married for a handful of years, and it's still very much in the honeymoon phase.

    Mila also revealed that she and Ashton "love and really like each other, daily," before adding that he's an "unbelievable partner in crime."

    Mila explained:

    We still love and really like each other, daily. I have an unbelievable partner in crime, I really do. And I'm so grateful for it every single day.

    And when she was asked whether her kids annoy her, she revealed that they don't either.

    She said:

    My 10-month-old, even if he's going through a sleep regression, doesn't annoy me. And my 3-year-old doesn't annoy me either. She's inquisitive and wants to know about life and how everything functions, and everything is wonderful and beautiful. I'm just not at the annoyed stage.

    I'm not crying, you're crying.