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    This Celeb Hit Out Against Tabloid Lies About His Marriage

    For the record, he definitely doesn't have a secret "mystery woman."

    Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan's marriage has been the subject of intense speculation for months now.

    And despite both of them insisting that their relationship is as solid as ever, the tabloids have insisted on publishing stories about them on a weekly basis.

    Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

    This week, Now magazine has run a cover story in which it's suggested that Mark has a new "mystery woman."


    And Mark wasted absolutely no time in taking to Twitter to shut down the rumour, revealing that the woman is an old family friend – and that the magazine had made no attempt to verify the story.

    The comment comes just days after the pair posted photos of themselves on holiday, which received numerous comments suggesting that the pair were on the brink of a split.

    Maybe it's time to just give them a break?

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