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    Little Mix Sent A Lovely Message To Their LGBT Fans

    "Please don't ever be afraid to be who you are."

    When Little Mix collaborated with Jason Derulo on "Secret Love Song," they appeared to have different interpretations of the lyrics.

    Jason said that the song was about his own experience of falling in love with a girl who was already in a relationship.

    Speaking to Digital Spy, he explained:

    They sent me this song which I thought was awesome so I came in and put my own twist on it. I told a true fucking story about this girl that I am really into but she has a boyfriend, but we still do our thing.

    However, a fan then tweeted the girls to tell them that they believed the lyrics carried a subtext about people in the LGBT community feeling unable to admit or express their feelings publicly.

    Jade responded making it clear that this was the band's intention with the song.

    @mmm_gash I'm so happy you've said this 🙌🏽❤️ this is how I picture it and how we saw the music video in our heads xxjadexx

    Well, Little Mix are currently supporting Ariana Grande on tour, and over the weekend they played Kansas City where they dedicated the song to their LGBT supporters.

    before they sang Secret Love Song they dedicated it to LGBT and my friend pulled me closer and hugged me the entire song i was crying

    And, after the concert, Jade took to Instagram to share a photo of the girls performing the song, alongside a special message to their LGBT fans.

    And people loved her for it.

    jade acknowledging and encouraging the sentiment lgbt+ fans attach to secret love song was very needed and much appreciated 💙

    With many, many people thanking her for spreading such a positive message.

    Hooray for yet another reason to love Little Mix. 💗 🌈