Lady Gaga And Kelly Osbourne Have Ended Their Feud And All Is Right With The World

They’re like, totally BFFs now.

1. Stop what you’re doing, this is very important news. Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne are officially over their feud.

Michael Kovac / Getty Images for EJAF

Here they are, hanging out with Elton John at the Oscars.

2. So over it, in fact, that they’re able to make fun of their spat.

Michael Kovac / Getty Images for EJAF

Look at Kelly pretending to strangle Gaga as though she really hates her.

But it’s fine because she’s just joking.

They have decided to forgive and forget.

3. Look at this amazing photo of forgiveness.

Michael Kovac / Getty Images for EJAF

4. It makes their whole feud seem a bit silly, doesn’t it? Remember when Kelly called Gaga a ‘buttaface’?

5. And then Gaga told Kelly she was ‘critical and judgmental’ and spent her time ‘rating people’s beauty against one another’?

6. Remember when Gaga then sent a birthday cake to Kelly to try and make amends?

7. But Kelly responded with a slightly confusing Twitter rant?

8. Well, it’s definitely all over now. After seeing each other at the Oscars, Kelly tweeted this:

9. And normality can resume again. Hooray!

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Ellie Woodward is a senior celebrity reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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