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People Are Relating Hard To Kylie Jenner's Tweet About Stormi Growing Too Fast

Time really does fly when you're a mom.

Back in February, Kylie Jenner gave birth to her first child – a little girl named Stormi.

Since then, Kylie has taken to motherhood like a duck to water – so well in fact, that Kris Jenner has said she was clearly "born to have children," while Kim Kardashian revealed that she goes to Kylie for mom advice.

But in a couple of days, Stormi will turn six months old – something Kylie is clearly feeling emotional about.

She took to Twitter to reveal how fast time has gone, jokingly asking other mothers whether their babies "grow as fast" as hers.

Stormi will be 6 months in 6 days.. how did this happen? Moms, do your babies grow as fast as mine? 🤣

And the tweet clearly resonated with a lot of people, because within minutes Kylie's followers were flocking to tell her that time does indeed seem to pass too quickly when you're a parent.

Many others told Kylie the ages of their children, and how quickly they'd grown up.

One fan even reminded Kylie of the time she'd shared her ultrasound with her over two years ago.

While others said that although they were told that "time flies," nothing prepared them for the reality.

And told her to cherish every moment.

Here's to the next six months, Kylie!


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