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    Kylie Jenner Is More Popular Than Ever Since Becoming A Mom

    In disappearing so completely prior to the birth of her child, Kylie appears to have sparked a renewed global interest in her.

    This is Kylie Jenner. You may have heard of her. She's one of the most famous women on the planet.

    You may also know that she recently gave birth to a baby girl named Stormi.

    Unlike her Kardashian sisters, who kept their social media followers up to date on their pregnancies, attracting media attention that translated into ratings and maintained the Kardashian brand, Kylie went completely off the grid during her pregnancy.


    She wasn't photographed for seven months, didn't post on social media, and refused to confirm or deny the reports about her pregnancy.

    Kylie’s decision to do so was a risk – after all, the Kardashians' ubiquity is a massive part of their success. However, in disappearing so completely, Kylie actually sparked more global interest in her. In fact, she reached a significant milestone in December, by crossing 100 million Instagram followers while her account lay virtually dormant. It seemed that rather than the public growing tired of her absence, people became more fascinated.

    In subverting the Kardashians' tried and tested model, Kylie has seen her popularity soar. Since December she's amassed a further 6 million followers, and the photos Kylie has shared since becoming a mother are now some of the most liked Instagram posts of all time.

    Instagram: @kyliejenner

    In fact, you can see that her most recent posts have entirely rearranged the previous top 10, which was released only on March 9. Here's how it all went down.

    Kylie returned to the public eye by breaking her Instagram hiatus in February with this post, which confirmed that she had been pregnant – and had also given birth.

    It swiftly racked up 10.6 million likes, making it the sixth most liked photo on Instagram ever.

    Two days later, Kylie shared this photo, which gave us a glimpse of her new arrival and confirmed her name. Within hours, this photo had generated 17.8 million likes, making it the most popular photo in Instagram's history.

    In March, Kylie shared these cute photos to celebrate the fact that Stormi was 1 month old. They were liked 12.9 million times, which, for a short while, made them the second most liked Instagram post of all time.

    That was until she shared three selfies of herself and Stormi – the first where her baby's face was completely visible.

    These selfies received 13.5 million likes, which knocked the photos of Stormi at 1 month into third position, and became the second most popular post in the history of Instagram.

    This means that Kylie has 5 out of the top 10 most liked Instagram posts of all time. And these snaps make up the top three.

    All five have been posted within the past two months and relate somehow to motherhood.

    But it's not just her motherhood images that have proved popular. In fact, all of Kylie's Instagram posts are now racking up more likes than ever. For example, these three photos received 7.5, 8.4, and 7.1 million likes, respectively.

    Up until she became a mother, Kylie's most liked photo was this one. It amassed 5 million likes – a number that is now dwarfed by her current Instagram game.

    All of this has translated to a significant boost for her business ventures. Prior to giving birth, her posts advertising Kylie's Cosmetics rarely broke 1 million likes. Since Stormi, all six of the makeup photos she's posted have broken that barrier.

    Many people announced they had a newfound respect for Kylie after keeping her pregnancy so private, which could be why her Instagram has blown up since.

    The fact that kylie jenner didn’t use her pregnancy as a chance for attention makes me respect her so much more. Instead she wanted to spend her time experiencing it with just her close friends and family.

    People expected Kylie to exploit her pregnancy for ratings or publicity, but the fact she didn't seemed to resonate with the public. As a result, there's been heightened interest in her post-pregnancy life.

    And she's also mastered the art of supplying public demand while not going overboard.

    Instagram: @kyliejenner

    Kylie has shared just five photos of Stormi over the past six weeks and we had to wait a whole month before seeing her full face. By refusing to spam her feed with photos of her baby, Kylie has kept her followers intrigued and excited enough that when they do finally catch a glimpse of Stormi, the likes come flooding in.

    This suggests that people are now more interested in this phase of Kylie's life than any other.


    While Kylie has continued to post the selfies she's known for, she now also gives followers an insight into her life as a mother. It's a fresh rebrand, which is interesting for both her longtime followers and the ones she's amassed recently. The public may have watched Kylie grow up from age 9, but it seems the chapter of motherhood is what's truly captivated people.

    Long live the queen of Instagram.


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