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    Kylie Jenner Revealed How Becoming A Billionaire Changed Her Outlook On Life

    “I could get a new car whenever I wanted but that happiness only lasts so long.”

    Earlier this year, Kylie Jenner was (controversially) announced by Forbes as the youngest self-made billionaire in history.

    And since becoming a billionaire, Kylie hasn’t exactly shied away from the fact that she’s rich AF. From private jets... designer clothes and accessories... hiring $250 million super yachts for birthday celebrations — barely a day goes by without a reminder of her wealth on social media.

    However, during a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kylie opened up about the effect becoming a billionaire has had on her outlook — and it turns out she doesn’t believe money buys happiness.

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    After Ellen said money was a “wonderful thing” and asked whether it had “changed” Kylie or given her more freedom, she said it was actually the “opposite.”

    “I actually think it was the exact opposite for me,” Kylie said. “It made me realise that I could get a new car whenever I wanted but that happiness only lasts so long.”

    She went on: “So I realised at a young age how important it is to find happiness in my baby now, and relationships.”

    Turning to Kris Jenner, who was on the show with her, Kylie said: “My mom is my everything. I love you so much. I can’t believe that you’re my mom.”

    The subject of money and happiness was something Kylie touched on during her 2017 reality show, Life of Kylie. In fact, in the very first episode she said she’d come to realise that the thrill of buying material items lasted “two seconds”.

    And later on in her Ellen appearance, Kylie revealed that while her whole family are proud of her achievements, she’s often teased for being a billionaire by her sisters.

    You can watch Kylie Jenner’s full interview here.

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