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24 Times Kris Jenner Was Shut Down By Her Own Kids

"Hi, Satan."

1. When Khloé decided she couldn't possibly be related to Kris.

2. And delivered this spectacular shutdown.

3. When they had zero interest in guest-hosting her talk show.

4. Before admitting that they weren't actually watching it either.

5. But when Scott did go on it, he made it clear who the real star of the show was.

6. When she was doing a braless photoshoot in a pool and Kourtney had this reaction.


7. When Khloé made it pretty clear their conversation was over.


8. When Khloé refused to be rushed.


9. But showed no qualms about rushing her.


10. When she was all for Kim doing a photo shoot with Playboy...

But Kourtney and Khloé totally called her out on the real reason for her enthusiasm.

11. Khloé did it again when Kris freaked out that Kim had psoriasis.


It didn't go down too well.


12. When Kylie didn't even need to use words when Kris gave this description of how her house would be when North West was born.


13. When she tried to remind her family of some priceless memories and they responded like this.


14. When even 11-year old Kendall was sassing the hell out of her.

15. When the family suggested Kris take a lie detector test, but Khloé wanted her to take another kind of test while she was at it.


16. Before making this comment.


17. Oh, and this one as well.


18. When Scott Disick had to remind her of the existence of her granddaughter.

19. When Kourtney couldn't even deal with Kris's chat.

20. And Kim couldn't either.

21. When no one else found the joke funny, so she just entertained herself.

22. When Scott had to remind her that we're living in 2015.

23. When Kourtney couldn't cope with her wandering around in public wearing this robe.

24. And, finally, when Khloé answered the phone to her like this.

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