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    Kourtney Kardashian Had The Best Response To Being Shaded For Her Talent

    "When you're flat out trying to keep the world interested in your talent."

    Earlier this week, Kourtney Kardashian revealed that she's launching some form of new business venture called Poosh.

    She shared the news with this cryptic Instagram post and caption.

    While it's still unclear just what Poosh actually is, fans are already getting excited over the impending launch.

    One person who isn't so excited, however, is comedian Celeste Barber, who's made a name for herself in recent years by spoofing photos of female celebrities with her own more "realistic" versions. Subjects so far have been everyone from Bella Hadid...

    To Rihanna...

    And Demi Lovato.

    Well, Celeste has now turned her attention to Kourtney. She decided to gently troll the reality star's Instagram post with her own version, sharing the photos side-by-side alongside a caption about talent.

    Opinions about Celeste's post were mixed. Some thought it was hilarious.

    While others thought it was mean-spirited.

    However, since she's the queen of comebacks, it wasn't long before Kourtney popped up in the comments to leave this response.

    And people loved it.

    The queen remains unbothered.


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