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    Kim Kardashian Was The Mastermind Behind Kendall Addressing The Pepsi Scandal On "KUWTK"

    "I’m the mastermind telling my sisters what to do.”

    You may remember the controversy surrounding the Pepsi advert Kendall Jenner starred in just over a year ago.


    In the commercial, Kendall leaves a modelling shoot, joins a protest, gives a can of Pepsi to a police officer, and seems to solve the world's problems. The ill-advised advert sparked an instant backlash and was pulled within hours.

    After the advert was pulled, Kendall remained completely silent on the subject for six months until she addressed the situation during an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

    During emotional scenes, Kendall broke down in tears as she apologised for her part in the advert.


    She said: "I would never purposely hurt someone, ever, and if I knew this would've been the outcome I never would've done something like this. The fact that I would offend or hurt other people was definitely not the intent. And that's what got me the most, is that I would've ever made anyone else upset."

    But we also saw scenes in which Kim Kardashian appeared to coach Kendall through the backlash.


    She said: "It should affect you in a way where you grow from it, and become a better person from it. I just wish that you could see that there's light at the end of the tunnel, and that it will be OK if you're just honest and open."

    And now Kim has revealed that she actually told Kendall to go against her publicist's advice to "stay quiet" and address the scandal head on in KUWTK.

    Presley Ann / Getty Images

    Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Kim said: "There's time and places when you need to set the record straight. Like, my sister Kendall, she was caught up in something that she didn't have a lot of control over and she wanted to speak out so badly. She was advised not to, but I advised her to speak out on our show where you feel safe."

    And she went on to acknowledge the fact that over recent years, she's become the family's go-to member for damage control.


    Kim joked that everybody thinks Kris Jenner is the "mastermind" behind the scenes, before saying: "I don't know where she got all that credit from. I’m the mastermind telling my sisters what to do.”

    Never underestimate Kim K.


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