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    Kim Kardashian Confirmed She Screamed, Cried, And Was Mad For A Week At Kanye's Slavery Comments

    She also revealed how she felt after hearing his new track addressing her reaction to the comments.

    Last month, Kanye West caused uproar when he said during an interview with TMZ that "slavery was a choice."

    At the time, Kim Kardashian didn't publicly acknowledge the interview. However, last week Kanye dropped his new album, Ye, on which he revealed how Kim reacted privately.

    On the track "Wouldn't Leave," Kanye revealed that Kim "screamed" at him after hearing his comments and said he'd put the family at risk of losing everything.

    After hearing the track, some people accused Kim of being concerned only with a loss of income rather than the moral implications of Kanye's comments.

    so on #wouldntleave the only thing kim was mad about and that kanye was sorry for is putting their money at risk?

    Kanye: "Kim was only mad about my slavery gaffe cuz it messed up our money flow" Everybody on the internet: "Well, guess we will take him at his word. What a racist bitch!" Because you only have to let women speak for themselves if you like them!

    LOL at @kanyewest lyrics that @KimKardashian was so mad she couldn’t breathe about them losing all of their money... but not upset about his ACTUAL comments. Klassic Kim

    Well, Kim has now revealed that Kanye's depiction of her response was accurate, adding that she "cried and fought" with him for a week.

    She went on to reveal that Kanye waited until "the last minute" to play her the song before his album listening party, and that she cried after hearing it.

    And Kim also said that despite his recent comments, Kanye has a "big heart" and will likely "explain himself" at some point in the future.

    So now we know.