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    Kim Kardashian Has Got Completely Naked For Her GQ Photoshoot

    Very, very naked.

    Kim Kardashian was named the GQ Woman of the Year on Tuesday night, and to celebrate she's got completely naked for her cover shoot.

    Kim proudly shared an image from the photoshoot on her Instagram, and WOW is she naked.

    She then retweeted another photo from the shoot that shows her lying on her side, totally naked save for a pair of pink shoes.

    And it seems Kim is very happy with the photos, taking to Twitter to call the photoshoot an "honour".

    We have to admit though, we're pretty surprised to see her without any clothes. Back in 2010 she got accidentally* naked for a photoshoot with W magazine, and it prompted this reaction.

    *She was covered in silver paint and had been told artwork would be digitally overlaid on to her naked body. It wasn't. When she saw the images, she got SO FUCKING MAD YOU HAVE NO IDEA, calling her mum/manager, Kris Jenner, to tell her to fire whoever was responsible and vowed she would never, under any circumstances get naked again.

    But when you're Kim Kardashian you can go back on your word.

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