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    Kim Kardashian Apologised For Joking About Looking "Anorexic" On Instagram

    "I know people that have serious eating disorders and have been in and out of the hospital for 15 years. I should've known better."

    You probably remember that a couple of months ago, the Kardashians came under fire after posting videos in which they praised Kim for looking "so skinny."

    In one of the clips, Kendall said to Kim: "I'm really concerned, I don't think you're eating. You look so skinny!" to which Kim joyfully responded: "What?!?!?"

    In another clip, Khloé told Kim she'd "never seen a skinnier person in [her] life."

    And in another conversation, Khloé and her best friend Malika speculated that Kim had been surviving on "celery and oxygen," before Khloé pointed to Kim's waist and said: "You look anorexic there."

    At the time, people were outraged by the videos and accused the Kardashians of glamourising extreme weight loss and making light of eating disorders.

    Meanwhile, over on Instastory of one of the worlds most influential women: Kendall: Like I’m really concerned, I don’t think you’re eating. You look so skinny. Kim: Ohmygod THANK YOU! And we wonder why eating disorders are a thing.

    In the days afterwards, Khloé defended her comments, saying "people [were] taking them too far."

    However, Kim has now spoken about the subject, apologising for the videos and saying she "should have known better" than to trivialise eating disorders.

    And she went on to say that she can see why the videos were "insensitive."