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    This Deleted Scene From KUWTK Showing Kim Kardashian Taking Selfies Is Just Incredible

    1200 selfies on one holiday.

    Kim Kardashian spent most of her recent family holiday to Thailand taking selfies for a book she was making for husband Kanye West.

    However, in a deleted scene from Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim can be seen admitting she needs to take 1200 selfies for the book.

    BuzzFeed / E!

    Kim enters the room announcing that she hasn't yet taken a selfie "in this glam room."

    Kris asks her: "How many selfies are you going to take in one day? You're, like, obsessed."

    Eyeing up the wall as a perfect backdrop for her latest selfie, Kim replies: "I need 1200."

    Yes, 1200.

    She announces she needs a different outfit for this selfie, removes her kaftan before stopping the conversation with Kris to take photos.

    BuzzFeed / E!

    Kris looks on before asking: "Do you want me to take a picture of you? This is remarkable."

    Even KRIS thinks it's remarkable, and Kris loves a good selfie.

    Kim doesn't respond. Because, selfie.

    BuzzFeed / E!

    More selfies.

    BuzzFeed / E!


    Here's the full video, in all its glory.

    View this video on YouTube

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