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This Deleted Scene From KUWTK Showing Kim Kardashian Taking Selfies Is Just Incredible

1200 selfies on one holiday.

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However, in a deleted scene from Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim can be seen admitting she needs to take 1200 selfies for the book.

BuzzFeed / E!

Kim enters the room announcing that she hasn't yet taken a selfie "in this glam room."

Kris asks her: "How many selfies are you going to take in one day? You're, like, obsessed."

Eyeing up the wall as a perfect backdrop for her latest selfie, Kim replies: "I need 1200."

Yes, 1200.

She announces she needs a different outfit for this selfie, removes her kaftan before stopping the conversation with Kris to take photos.

BuzzFeed / E!

Kris looks on before asking: "Do you want me to take a picture of you? This is remarkable."

Even KRIS thinks it's remarkable, and Kris loves a good selfie.


Here's the full video, in all its glory.

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