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Kim Kardashian's First Ever Interview Has Been Found And It's Amazing

"Our chemistry together is so amazing that people will definitely want to be a part of this family."

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She said:

It's really kind of crazy at first – you think you won't get used to the cameras. But then you kind of forget that they're there and we're just hanging out, doing what we usually do. We want it to be all the way reality. So we're like: "Let's just do what we do normally and have the cameras capture our real lives."

And it's just as well really, given that the family now film six days a week, twelve to eighteen hours a day, every single day. E! also now has enough footage of the Kardashians to air the show for over 150 days, nonstop.


She said:

Robin [from the Pussycat Dolls] and I were talking about our upcoming performance in Vegas. We're going to start rehearsals soon and I'm very, very nervous. She just asked me tonight if I want to sing in the performance. I thought it was just dancing but now singing might be worked in. I want to do it but it freaks me out.


Kim said:

I think that there's so many of us and all of our personalities are so different. People probably wouldn't think that such a big family would work because there's too many characters to follow. But because we're all so different, but also so alike – we're all family orientated – and our chemistry together is so amazing, people will definitely want to be a part of this family.

And it seems that Kim herself is feeling very nostalgic watching all the old footage back.

My old red carpet interviews are so funny! Khloe just called me & we are laughing. Awww I will do more funny interviews 😂😜😘