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Khloé Kardashian's Responses To Tweets About Lamar Odom Are So Sad

In an unusual move, Khloé has responded to tweets of support after Lamar was removed from a flight after vomiting in the galley.

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Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom have had a tumultuous few years, to say the least.

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After four years of marriage, Khloé filed for divorce in 2013 following months of rumours of Lamar's infidelity and drug use. It wasn't an easy decision for Khloé, who kept her marital struggles a secret for years until her family persuaded her to file for divorce and attempt to move on.

But then in October last year, Lamar was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel, after overdosing on alcohol, cocaine, and sex enhancers.

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The Kardashian family flew to be by Lamar’s side and were told he had just hours to live. Khloé was responsible for making Lamar's medical decisions, and she put a stop to their divorce proceedings.

When Lamar made a remarkable recovery, Khloé leased and furnished a house for him to live in, which was documented on KUWTK.


He also began hanging out with the Kardashian family just like old times, and Khloé even said that the prospect of remarrying Lamar would be "the best dream."

However, within a few months rumours emerged that Lamar was drinking again after he was reportedly spotted consuming cognac on two separate occasions.

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It raised concerns, as Lamar’s kidneys and liver were damaged during his overdose and time in a coma. In fact, at one point his kidneys failed completely, requiring him to be on dialysis.


Well, the latest in this ongoing saga is that Lamar was escorted off a flight to New York by airline staff after vomiting in the galley.

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TMZ reported that Lamar had been "pounding beers and whiskey in the airport lounge" before boarding the flight. Two passengers said that after vomiting in the galley, then in the toilets, then over himself back at his seat, Lamar was escorted off the flight.

After news of the incident broke, Khloé took to Twitter to simply share a sad-face emoji.


It's very unusual for Khloé or the other Kardashians to respond to comments that relate directly to controversial media reports. But this incident comes just days after Khloé reportedly kicked Lamar out of the home she'd leased for him.

And it has also been just days since Khloé addressed Lamar's "drinking and smoking" on the latest episode of KUWTK – the first confirmation that he has been drinking again – and she was clearly disappointed.