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    John Krasinski Revealed The Lovely Thing Emily Blunt Told Him After The Success Of "A Quiet Place"

    Honestly, these two are relationship goals.

    You probably know that Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are one of the best celebrity couples around.

    And over the years, they've given us cute insights into their relationship. Like, for example, when John revealed that Emily just "gets him more than anyone else ever has."

    And when Emily said that she literally fell in love with John the moment she first saw him.

    Well, John has now revealed another lovely nugget of information and it might be the cutest yet.

    You may recall that earlier this year, John made his first foray into horror movies, directing and starring in A Quiet Place, which also featured Emily.

    The movie was critically-acclaimed and raked in millions at the box office, but John has now revealed that the success of the film was made even sweeter by the fact he could share it with his wife.

    And he went on to reveal the lovely words of advice and encouragement Emily gave him as he lamented the thought of never being able to repeat the process.

    I literally can't with these two.

    You can read John Krasinski's full interview with Men's Health here.