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    Posted on Jul 28, 2016

    26 Batshit Things We Learnt From Kimye's Latest Interview

    Kim casually rented an island for Kanye's birthday, for starters.

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West grace the latest cover of Harper's Bazaar, and gave a typically batshit interview to go with the photo shoot. Here are the most important things we learned as a result.

    Karl Lagerfeld / Harper's Bazaar

    1. They have books in their house "for staging".

    2. They have conversations about whether or not to get an outdoor shower.

    3. Kim's favourite part of Kanye's body is his heart. And his legs.

    4. Kim's biggest insecurity is "looking fat sometimes".

    5. Kanye doesn't actually like thinking.

    The Ellen Show

    KW: Here's something that's contrary to popular belief: I actually don't like thinking. I think people think I like to think a lot. And I don't. I do not like to think at all.

    6. Kim's most annoying habit is the fact she hates having fittings.


    KKW: I think he gets really annoyed because I just hate fittings. I'll just be like, "Ah, I can't find something to wear." I get so worked up every time I'm rushing; I get annoyed with rushing. Then I get in a bad mood – I'm so cranky. I hate being late.

    7. Kanye used to enjoy taking "cock shots" back in his single days.


    KW: I used to do nude selfies in my single days. You'd get a good cock shot here and there. [Laughs.] Gotta keep it rock 'n' roll. It's all about scale. You don't become a rock star for no reason.

    8. Kanye believes Kim made her second pregnancy "her bitch".

    9. Kim's special talent is being able to smell when someone has a cavity.

    E! / Via

    This has been addressed on KUWTK, but in this interview she revealed it's her secret talent and went into specifics: "I can smell when someone has a cavity. It's a very specific smell – not a bad-breath smell – but something that is really strong."

    10. Kanye believes Kim not posing nude would be like Adele not singing.

    11. Kim spends a lot of time telling people Kanye is jet-lagged when he falls asleep in front of them.

    12. Kanye West can't reveal his favourite book, because it'd be too self-promotional.

    13. Kim finds it hard to buy sandals because she doesn't wear flat shoes.

    14. Kim doesn't get enough credit for being funny because it's, like, not a thing.

    E! / Via

    KW: Kim's just a funny person in general.

    KKW: But I don't get credit for being funny; it's, like, not a thing.

    15. Kanye behaves like either a 14 year-old child or 60-year-old man, but never in between.


    KW: I think about things to put them in a place where I don't have to think about them anymore. Say if I had a child with a really bad mom, I would have to think more than if I had a child with a good mom. I'm just doing my homework early. I told my trainer today, I'm a mix of a 14-year-old high schooler and a 60-year-old guy. It can never fall into the thirties or the forties. It has to be 100 percent 60 or 100 percent 14, no in between.

    16. The last thing Kim treated Kanye to was renting an island for his birthday.

    17. Kim used to be a legit Taylor Swift fan.

    Getty Images

    The interviewer was ballsy AF and actually asked which Taylor Swift song is their favourite.

    KW: For me? I don't have one.

    KKW: I was such a fan of hers.

    18. Kanye has cleared his $53 million debt by talking about it.

    Twitter: @kanyewest

    KW: I used to have insecurity about my finances, then I announced that I had debt, and now I don't have any insecurities.

    KKW: Then you didn't have any debt; it seemed to all figure it out.

    19. They're in agreement that Kim is vain.


    When they were asked who's more vain, they had this response.

    KKW: I mean, me.

    KW: Yeah, I think she has vanity. And with me, I don't give a fuck, bro; it is what it is. I'm the best – now what? I don't know if that's a vain statement. I don't particularly like photos of myself, though.

    KKW: Yeah, what is the definition of vain? I want to look up exactly what the definition is. [Googles.] Vain, definition: "having or showing an excessively high opinion of one's appearance, abilities, or worth."

    20. Kim has a ~different vibe~ when she has blonde hair.

    21. Kim wishes the world hadn't been privy to her "ugly looks" over the years.


    When asked if there was anything she wished the world didn't know about her, Kim said: "Definitely. I was going to say some ugly looks and stuff."

    22. Kim would take her kids and her phone to a desert island, but not Kanye.

    23. If Kanye was invisible for a day he'd hang out in the women's locker room.


    24. Kim would follow her kids around to see the funny things they say.

    25. Kanye makes analogies that are "so funny and random" that Kim wants to make a book of them.

    26. And, finally, Kim wants to be remembered as a "powerful, sexy, non-conforming woman".

    Read the full interview in Harper's Bazaar, on sale 2 August.

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