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    Indisputable Proof That Prince George And Kittens Are The Cutest Creatures On The Planet

    Prepare to Awwww.

    1. Prince George and this kitten chewing random objects are pretty damn cute.

    Chris Jackson / Getty

    2. As are all these cuddles.

    Handout / Getty

    3. And these facial expressions are priceless.

    Chris Jackson / Getty

    4. But how about Prince George and this kitten in a state of pure excitement?

    5. Or them both rocking blue knitwear?

    REX USA/Gary Ramage/Newspix / Rex

    6. How about their grumpy faces?

    Chris Jackson / Getty

    7. Or when they're playing with their favourite toy?

    8. Not forgetting their shocked faces. Those are pretty cute too.

    Chris Jackson / Getty

    9. And when they're looking a bit forlorn.

    Chris Jackson / Getty

    10. They're pure perfection when they're confused.

    11. As well as curious.

    12. When they just can't be bothered.

    Chris Jackson / Getty

    13. And when they're stretching.

    Chris Jackson / Getty

    14. They look dashing in red.

    Chris Jackson / Getty

    15. And adorable as new borns in blankets.

    Chris Jackson / Getty

    16. But they're definitely at their absolute cutest when they're making friends.



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