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    26 Inanimate Objects Lucky Enough To Be In Taylor Swift's Presence

    So much lucky stuff so close to Taylor.

    1. This gate.

    2. This carrier bag.

    3. This American Music Award.

    4. This muffin*.

    5. This microphone.

    6. This umbrella.

    7. That bottle of water.

    8. This perfectly-held handbag.

    9. Also this one.

    10. This poster in a frame.

    11. This Starbucks cup.

    12. Every single one of these goddamn balloons.

    13. This nail varnish.

    14. This cup of iced coffee.

    15. This iPhone.

    16. This shopping basket.

    17. This traffic cone.

    18. This car door handle.

    19. This chair.

    20. That cardboard box in the background.

    21. This can of Diet Coke.

    22. These shopping bags.

    23. Those stairs.

    24. This paddle board.

    25. These pieces of paper.

    26. And finally, literally everything in this photo.