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    Nov 7, 2014

    Here's How Much Kim Kardashian Has Changed Since Being With Kanye West

    It's quite the transformation.

    Kim Kardashian, reality show star, multimillionaire, selfie queen. You may have heard of her.

    She's been with Kanye West since 2012, and married him in May this year.

    But a lot has changed since she began dating him. Let's just rewind to 2008, when she was like this.

    Getty Images Charley Gallay

    She used to dress like this.

    Getty Images Noel Vasquez

    She really liked leggings and waist belts and brown sunglasses.

    Getty Images Charley Gallay

    And making peace signs on the red carpet.

    Getty Images for Esquire Frazer Harrison

    In fact, she was still a fan of waist belts, prints and cork wedges just a year before hooking up with Yeezus.

    Getty Images Ethan Miller

    But when they became ~official~ Kanye's first move was to clear out Kim's closet and replace all of her garms with stuff that he chose with his stylist.

    Because, you know, fashion is really important to Kanye.

    Now we're more likely to see her wearing stuff like this.

    Jonathan Hordle / Rex/REX USA


    Beretta/Sims / Rex/REX USA

    And pretty much as restrictive as possible.


    Basically, Kanye wins her cool points.

    Another thing that happened a lot before Kanye was that Kim used to smile during red carpet appearances.

    Getty Images Andrew H. Walker

    Her joy for life was palpable.

    Getty Images Frederick M. Brown

    "It's a Sidekick and I am SO HAPPY right now."

    Getty Images Brendon Thorne


    Getty Images Mark Metcalfe

    Unfortunately though, Kanye West is physically unable to smile which is sad for him. But, being the supportive wife she is, Kim now also doesn't smile in public, out of solidarity.

    Getty Images for LACMA Jason Merritt


    Getty Images Pascal Le Segretain


    Getty Images for EJAF Dimitrios Kambouris

    No smiling here, people.

    Getty Images for USC Shoah Foundation Michael Buckner

    They're smiling on the inside. Probably.

    Getty Images for LACMA Jonathan Leibson

    The other thing that's changed is her Instagram account. It used to be a place where she primarily came to pull funny faces.

    And poke her tongue out quite a lot.

    And show off new makeup techniques.

    Adopt fun poses.

    And present her fake tan fails.

    Now everything is much more artistic.

    Basically, if it's not a polaroid, Kim ain't interested.

    But it's fine, because although their faces might not show it, Kimye are happy. Happier than ever in their matching outfits.

    Sharpshooter Images / Splash


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