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    Nov 11, 2014

    Here Is The Bag North West Painted For Kim Kardashian's Birthday

    She's quite the artist.

    For Kim Kardashian's birthday this year, Kanye West took North West outside, gave her a load of paint and a Birkin handbag and then told her to deface* it.

    WireImage Michel Dufour / Via

    *sorry, decorate it.

    Kim told People magazine: “Kanye had a box, a purse, this Hermès purse, and I opened it and I thought it was so cool. It was all painted really cool and then there was my computer and it said, ‘Press Play.' I pressed play and my daughter was sitting outside painting the purse."

    And it's quite something.


    It's not the first time that Kanye has commissioned a decorated Birkin for Kim. He did the same thing at Christmas, when he got George Condo to create an original painting on this bag. NBD.

    Instagram: @kimkardashian

    Although it would suggest he's maybe running out ideas for things to buy his wife.

    But now Kim has stepped out carrying the bag so we can all observe what a talented artist North really is.


    I'm not a modern art expert or anything, but the handprint is a nice touch.


    And notice that she hasn't used any pink paint, because North detests pink.


    Nice work, North.

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