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    29 Goddamn Powerful Celebrity Women You'll Crush On Harder Than Any Man

    Shutting down sexism, standing up for feminism, and reminding us of our self-worth, these women are goddamn heroes.

    1. When Anna Kendrick voiced the most relatable sentence ever spoken.

    2. And Amy Schumer was all, "Why should women conform to physical stereotypes when we're beautiful as we are?"

    3. When Ellie Goulding was asked about her love life and had this response, because isn't there more to her than that?

    4. And when Kristen Stewart gave this question about her butt the response it deserved.

    5. When Adele gave this amazing answer when she was asked about how the men she writes songs about must feel.

    6. And Taylor Swift summed up exactly why those types of questions suck for women.

    7. When Lucy Liu highlighted the importance of being a financially independent badass woman.

    8. And Beyoncé told us to be as assertive and business-minded as men.

    9. While Amy Poehler pointed out to this reporter just how many expectations are placed on women.

    10. And Ellen Degeneres spoke this very real truth.

    11. When Emily Blunt reminded the world that women are complex and shouldn't be compartmentalised.

    12. And Cara Delevingne was like, "No, seriously, don't put limitations on us."

    13. When Nathalie Emmanuel reminded women to never allow a man to diminish your sense of self.

    14. And Nicki Minaj told us to never forget our self-worth.

    Because we should never feel like all we have to offer is sex.

    15. When Selena Gomez straight-up refused to accept an award for "hottie of the year".

    16. While Marina Diamandis revealed she's turned down photo shoots when she's felt uncomfortable.

    17. And Lorde spoke honestly about her hate of Photoshop and reminded us that literally NO ONE is perfect.

    18. When Lily Allen was all, "Maybe don't blame expressions of female sexuality for the problems in society?"

    19. And Emma Watson used a threat of a nude photo leak as motivation to fight for women's rights.

    20. When Lena Headey had this response when asked how she feels about playing a "colossal bitch".

    Brb, bashing my head against brick wall for the rest of my life.

    While Cara Delevingne gave this A+ response when she was asked whether she'd bothered to read the book her latest film was adapted from.

    BuzzFeed / Via Good Day Sacramento

    And Anna Kendrick somehow managed to give a funny answer to the assertion that she's "pushed people aside" on her way to the top.

    21. And Natalie Dormer kept her cool when she was asked how she could possibly do her job when there were hot men around.

    When Adele had this response when asked if she had aspirations to be a Bond girl, as though she wasn't one of the biggest-selling artists of all time.

    22. Meanwhile, Charli XCX had this to say about being a "sucker".

    23. When Emilia Clarke reminded us that strength comes in many different forms.

    And Taylor Swift reminded us exactly what we are NOT.

    24. While Ariana Grande had this advice for whenever you may be doubting yourself.

    When Natalie Dormer perfectly summed up how other people's insecurities are to blame for hateful comments.

    25. When Helen Mirren had this amazing comeback to a question about ageism.

    But to be honest, she's been slaying sexism for a very long time.

    26. When Sarah Millican reminded us that we should never be defined by other people's opinions about our bodies.

    27. And Maisie Williams said we should never be held back by our gender.

    28. And Lady Gaga told us all to brush off the assumption that women are "arrogant" when we're just being assertive.

    29. When Rihanna was all, "Can you not with your sexist pet names."

    And, finally, when Nicki Minaj had the most perfect advice for all women, everywhere. 🙏

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