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22 Emma Watson Reactions For Everyday Situations

A flawless face for every occasion.

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1. When your alarm goes off on Monday morning. / Via Warner Bros.

2. When you're the first of your friends to arrive at a party and you don't know anyone there.

3. When two of your friends hooked up and they're trying to keep it a secret but literally everyone knows.

ITV / Via

4. When a handsy couple are PDA-ing hard on public transport at 8.30 am.


5. When your friend shows you a video of your karaoke performance from the night before.


6. When you're singing in the shower and totally nail that high note.

7. When you're close to finishing work on Friday and it's a Bank Holiday weekend.

8. When your friend asks if they should drunk text their ex and you're like, "I'm staying out of this".

9. When you turn up to a date and they look NOTHING like they did online.

10. When your friend is all, "Sorry, I didn't see your message!" but they were last seen on Whatsapp just after you sent it.

11. When someone eats the last slice of pizza without offering it around first. / Via Warner Bros.

12. When you've left your house and suddenly remember you might have left your straighteners on.

Warner Bros. / Via

13. When your friend shows you the hideous bridesmaid dress she's chosen for you and asks if you like it.

14. When you see bae flirting with someone else.


15. When you look in the mirror and your red lipstick game is on point.

16. When you're in a bar at 2am and you've lost your friends and are totally over life.

17. When your boss asks if you've "got a sec for a chat?"

18. When someone gives you hate online.

Haters gonna hate.

19. When you catch your crush's eye across the room 😍

20. When someone pushes past you to get into the train station, then gets stuck at the ticket barrier.

Warner Bros. / Via

21. When you're wearing a fabulous dress and you want your friend to Instagram the hell out of it.

22. And when someone you really dislike is giving you advice you didn't ask for.