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    Danny Dyer's Best Soap Actor Acceptance Speech Is As Sweary As You'd Expect

    "I am clearly f*cked."

    Last night Danny Dyer attended the TV Choice Awards with his Eastenders family.

    Getty Images / Anthony Harvey

    When he arrived on stage to accept his Best Soap Actor award, he had clearly made the most of the free bar, telling the audience he was "fucked".

    First he appeared a bit confused as to whether he'd actually won the award, asking David Mitchell, who was hosting the awards: "David Mitchell, is this fucking mine?"

    Dyer then launched a into full-blown drunken rant, saying: "Can't believe I won this – and he's fucked without his script, giving it the big 'un. Have a look at your fucking script. I couldn't hear that properly but I am clearly fucked. Thank you, Mr Mitchell."

    After thanking his on-screen family, Dyer concluded: "Thank you, have a fucking good night."

    Never change, Danny.

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