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    Will Smith Took His Top Off To Perform "Jump On It" At A Pool Party In Vegas

    Needless to say, it's brilliant.

    So this happened at the weekend.

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    Will Smith popped into the Palms Casino Resort pool party in Vegas on Friday. He was supposed to be going to watch a set by his son Trey, aka DJ Ace, but being the showman he is, couldn't resist getting up onstage himself.

    And it wasn't long before he whipped his top off and did the routine to "Jump On It," which might just be the most glorious thing that ever happened.


    And the fun didn't stop there. He then reunited with DJ Jazzy Jeff and took a selfie.

    And performed "Summertime".

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    Oh, and to round things off, he posted an awesome video of him partying it up to Sisqo's "Thong Song" on Facebook.

    Just. Amazing.

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