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Chrissy Teigen Is Officially Done With Trolling Trump

"I get sad, angry and depressed."

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And for years she's combined a love of Twitter, with her love of trolling Trump. Just look at this brutal tweet from 2011.

Just realized I am at a Starbucks inside a trump building. I knew it smelled psychotic and racist here.

Or this from 2013.

i don't watch pageants because i don't touch anything donald trump has had his grubby paws on.


Or this from last summer when a Trump administration still felt unlikely.

Watching a cool Donald Trump biopic on the plane.

And Chrissy's trolling has only intensified since Trump won the election. Take this tweet from his inauguration, for example.

what a beautiful prayer. makes me wanna grab my puss

And this, which is low-key the most savage clapback of the year so far.

@realDonaldTrump what time should we call your Uber?


Of course, "covfefe" began trending with people taking the piss. The jokes continued for hours before the tweet was deleted.

For Chrissy, however, it seems the "covfefe" incident is the final straw. She took to Twitter to say she no longer finds laughing at Trump funny, but rather it makes her "sad, angry and depressed."

I just no longer find trump trending topics or memes funny. I get sad and angry and depressed. Fuck covfefe, fuck it all, stupid idiot

Many people responded to her saying that they feel they have to laugh, otherwise they'll cry.

@chrissyteigen To stop being sad, angry, and depressed about him…I had to start laughing. It’s been a long 4 months. ☹️

@chrissyteigen At this point I just have to laugh because I've already cried enough this week... and it's only Wednesday...