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Chrissy Teigen Dressed Baby Luna Up In The Cutest Halloween Costumes And It's Too Much

My heart can't take it.

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John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, and little Luna might just be the cutest celebrity family in existence.

Well, Luna's first Halloween is just around the corner, and she's at the perfect age to be dressed up and have no idea how goddamn adorable she looks.

And, yesterday, Chrissy took to Instagram to treat us all to the absolute joy that was Luna dressed as a HOT DOG. 😫

Shoutout to Chrissy's well-observed caption and Luna's "FGS" face.

But just when we thought Luna's Halloween was done and dusted, Chrissy told us this.

And we were treated to a video of Luna as a peacock. At this point my heart exploded.

I just can't.

But that wasn't it.

Luna then tried on a Minnie Mouse costume and the cuteness was almost too much to bear.

Those cheeks though.

And Luna rounded off her Halloween fashion show as a banana.

RIP all of us.

Thank you, Chrissy and Luna. 💔