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    This Comment From Cheryl Cole 12 Years Ago Will Make You Wonder If She Can Predict The Future

    Is there no end to her talents?

    Cheryl Cole/Fernandez-Versini is well known for her role as an X Factor judge.

    She makes excellent facial expressions like this.

    However, we've found a clip from when Girls Aloud started 12 years ago in which she mentions the phrase "x factor" before it was even a show.

    View this video on YouTube

    Speaking during her time on Popstars: The Rivals, she says: "Every single person at this stage has something special. That 'x factor'. Something you just can't put your finger on. You know it's there, and when that person walks in you can just sense it. It's an overall package as well. It's not just a fantastic voice, not just a beautiful-looking person. It's everything. That spark."

    So it's pretty clear Cheryl predicted her X Factor future before The X Factor was even a thing.

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