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    The 22 Most Mesmerising Beyoncé Hair Flicks Of All Time

    Bow down.

    1. This is Beyoncé and her superhuman mane. You might be familiar with them.

    2. Beyoncé is good at a lot of things. Singing. Song-writing. Generally being a total goddess.

    3. But the reason she was really put on this earth was to allow us, devoted followers, to witness perfect hair-flicking.

    4. She doesn't need to go all out with the hair flicks all the time.

    5. Sometimes this is enough.

    6. Because when she does let loose...

    7. ...Holy mother of GOD is it incredible.

    8. So much sass.

    9. (Some might say, unprecedented levels of sass.)

    10. So much perfection.

    11. So much power.

    12. The hair-flicking will probably make you experience emotions you've never felt before.

    13. Wonder.

    14. Awe.

    15. Heart-palpitations.

    16. It'll make you question how it's actually humanly possible for someone to flick their hair THIS WELL.

    17. No. Seriously.

    18. It'll make you wonder whether it's possible to MARRY someone's hair.

    19. We all seriously need to get our shit together and learn how to do this.

    20. So let's all bow down.

    21. And worship Queen Bey and her glorious locks.

    22. And remember this, always.