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    Beyoncé Wore A "99 Problems But My Ass Ain't One" Dress

    And everyone lost their minds.

    You may need to sit down for this. Beyoncé has worn a dress (which has been pulled up into what looks like a leotard,) and reads "99 problems but my ass ain't one" in homage to both her bum and her husband Jay Z and Oh My God is it incredible.

    Here she is standing in front of some curtains, with her hands on her hips like the absolute boss she is, rocking the outfit. Just look at it. Look at it and weep at her perfectness.

    And here she is standing in a slightly different but equally important position.

    It's safe to say that the internet lost its mind.

    But the images didn't stop there. Bey also shared a photo of herself with painfully on-point red lips.

    Then she shared the full-length shot and, just, wow.

    As well as one where she wore a cute black hat.

    And then she looked down while wearing her cute black hat and even that was amazing.

    And then she stood facing the camera and that was the most perfect of all.

    Bow down <3