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    Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson May Have Hinted At Their Engagement Three Days Ago

    Suddenly, what seemed to be just a cute comment has loads more meaning.

    Last night the world was shook over reports that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are engaged after just a few weeks of dating.

    Because although the pair have spent much of the past few weeks flirting over Instagram, no one saw an engagement coming so soon.

    Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are moving at the speed of light in their relationship. At this rate they'd have adopted a kid and gotten divorced by the end of July. #ArianaGrande

    ariana grande got engaged to pete davidson after dating for a few weeks and I can’t even get a text back

    However, we really should have been paying more attention to these flirtatious messages, because Pete may have hinted at their engagement on Saturday.

    So here's what went down. Ariana shared this photo of herself with Pete on Saturday, alongside a cute caption.

    And Pete then commented with this.

    At the time, I was just like: "Aww, cute." But now I'm wondering whether this caption was actually in reference to their engagement.

    Because it does sound mightily like the sort of thing you'd say to the person who had just accepted your proposal.

    What's more, the photo was posted on Saturday night – the same evening that Ari and Pete were reportedly telling all their friends about the engagement.

    So what at first appeared to just be a cute Instagram interaction may have actually been Pete expressing his joy at their engagement.

    Either way – congratulations guys!