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26 Truths About Relationships In Your Twenties, As Told By Taylor Swift

We're happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time.

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1. Your twenties are a period where you're constantly questioned about your plans for the future, even though life itself is confusing.

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No, I don't know where I'm planning to be in my career in five years, or when I'm planning to settle down or get married or if and when I want kids. Just make it stop.

2. Especially when it feels like everyone around you is reaching signficant milestones, and constantly documenting them on social media.

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I'm really happy that you're engaged but I don't need to see 57 photos of the ring. Ditto, your child.


3. But your twenties are all about learning that relationships come in many different shapes and forms.

You may think you have experienced love, break up, feel heartbroken, never see how you'll move on, only to meet someone new later down the line who makes you happy in completely different ways. It's good to try people on for size. It's the only time we get to be young and reckless, after all.

6. But every relationship – and breakup – you experience, teaches something about yourself.

And that's everything from how to stop negative thoughts occupying your mind, discovering that chocolate and wine really do help, to just being a little more careful with your heart in future.


8. But then there's the weird stage where you're not quite sure ~what you are,~ but you keep going anyway and hope that it works out.

You basically just have to assume you're both on the same page without getting too attached just in case you're not.

11. And that goes for sex too. Because it's always better when it's with someone you actually like.

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And now you have plenty of time to establish what works best for each other.


15. But, as hard as it is to forget the memories and move on, you know you should never fight for someone who hasn't fought to stay with you.

16. You learn that soulmates aren't really a thing. There can be many potential "The Ones" depending on where you are in your life.


17. But it's important not to let the scars from your past dictate your future.

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You know that putting up walls because of past relationship failures are a sure-fire way to ruin potential future happiness.


22. But just because you're in a relationship, it doesn't mean other areas of your life should be neglected.

24. And life is just that little bit better when you know you have someone on your team.

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Someone you can moan and rant and vent to, who will listen and try in whatever small way they can to make it easier.


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