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13 Times North West Had Her Shit Together Better Than You

No one tells North what to do.

1. When she decided to rock a bun and a fur gilet for an outing to watch Disney on Ice with her cousins, and made everyone else look so basic.

2. I mean, she brought a handbag with her. Did any of her cousins bother with such accessories?

3. When she was appalled that people were wearing anything other than sheer black lace for the Givenchy show.

WireImage Michel Dufour

4. When she got to play with mom's $3 million diamond engagement ring because, like, actual toys are just for losers.

5. Unless they're mini Lamborghinis. Exceptions can be made for these.

6. When she was like, "CBA to get dressed to go see dad in the studio," so rocked up in just a T-shirt, because no one tells North what to do.

7. When she was forced to hang out with other children who thought it'd be fun to play on a tyre and she was just like, "What is this doing for your life?"

8. When she appeared in a magazine photo shoot at 3 months old. And it wasn't some shitty magazine about babies. It was Vogue.

9. When she made her professional modeling debut, wearing cashmere and holding a tiny Chanel handbag.

10. When she had a peasant feed her the foam from her hot chocolate.

11. When she decided that Auntie Khloe's sunglasses were just wasted on Auntie Khloe.

12. When she had a Coachella-themed first birthday party, complete with bands and a Ferris wheel.

13. When she agreed to allow mom and grandma into the photo booth with her under the one condition that she didn't have to look at them.

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