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    31 Times "Mock The Week" Was Really Fucking Funny

    "Do you dream of longer, fuller lashes? Then you should reevaluate your priorities."

    1. When Josh Widdicombe had this beauty advice.

    2. When they obviously went to town on David Cameron following Pig-gate.

    3. And when Dara O'Briain took the piss out of this tweet.

    4. When this sad admission was made.

    5. When this punchline happened.

    6. When Frankie Boyle was Frankie Boyle.

    7. Every single time.

    8. Seriously.


    9. When Milton Jones brought the Christmas cheer.

    10. When Hugh Dennis had no time for sob stories.

    11. When there were lots of opinions on the topic, "Unlikely things to read in the Bible."

    12. When there were literally four perfect responses to this statistic.

    13. When Frankie Boyle had some parenting advice.

    14. When Ed Byrne kind of had a point.

    15. And so did Jo Caulfield.

    16. When Hugh Dennis brought up American politics.

    17. When Russell Howard had no time for plots.

    18. When this was literally everyone trying to use Siri.

    19. When Russell Howard went full Dad-joke on us, but it was still amazing.

    20. When Romesh Ranganathan had lots of thoughts on maths.

    21. When Josh Widdicombe made this highly accurate point.

    22. When the subject was "Worst things your next door neighbour could say," and led to this horrifying nightmare.

    23. When this statistic created the perfect opportunity for a British TV joke.

    24. When this burn was delivered.

    25. When you kind of wished these greeting cards actually existed.

    26. When this made you want to host a surprise birthday party immediately.

    27. When these personal ads just got more controversial by the second.

    28. When of course the new 5p plastic bag charge had to be addressed.

    29. When Ed proved simple jokes are the best kind.

    30. When this joke took a brilliantly dark turn.

    31. And, finally, when Andy Parsons went too far with the topic "Things you wouldn't hear at Christmas time."